b"EUROPES THIRD ECONOMY IS CHANGING COURSEITALYS NEW GOVERNMENT AND WHAT IT MEANS TO AGRICULTURE AND SEEDBY: MARCEL BRUINSI taly held its elections on 25 September 2022, and the results sawFRATELLI DITALIAthe centre-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloni's Fratelli DItaliaFor the Fratelli dItalia, there were several points in their programme (Brothers of Italy), winning an absolute majority of seats in thethat should be highlighted. First of all, on the food front, they wish Italian Parliament. The four parties making up the new Italian gov- to promote the Mediterranean diet and fight against 'synthetic' ernment are: Fratelli DItalia, Lega, Forza Italia and Noi Moderati.foods. In terms of agriculture, the partys intention is to promote an European Seed dove into the various coalition party programs andItalian agricultural supply chain aimed at innovation. In terms of their views on food and agriculture, the seed sector and plant breed- fiscal policies, their aim is a rationalisation of the tax system.ing to see how much Europes third-biggest economy will be chang- The party will also look at protecting the national Italian inter-ing course. ests in European legislature, especially with reference to the revision of the Stability Pact and European economic governance. In addi-COALITION FRAMEWORK tion, the party plans the promotion of supply chain contracts that The centre-right coalition has signed a framework programmeput the farmer at the centre and reduce the gap between production agreement sharing several topics, among which are the promotioncost and product sale price.of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Net DomesticWith regards to raw materials, the aim is to stabilise the Product (NDP), according to the guidelines of independence andextraordinary measures taken in the context of the current raw environmental and economic sustainability. Also, the fight againstmaterials crisis. Apart from the national reservoir plan to combat Nutriscore and Italian sounding, the raising of the de minimis aiddrought, the party wants to make water resources more efficient by ceilings for agricultural enterprises, and a national plan for reservoirspreparing, upgrading and expanding the water networks.for irrigation purposes will get priority. Furthermore, the easing of the tax burden and the increase in employment, the protection ofLEGAMade in Italy products, and the challenge to energy self-sufficiencyThe second party in the coalition, Lega, has several points of interest will be tackled. Apart from the coalition program, each party in thein their programme. First, the party will seek to promote and protect coalition presented its own programme.Italian excellence both at home and on foreign markets with the MAJOR THEMES ON FOOD AND AGRICULTUREFRATELLI DITALIA LEGA FORZA ITALIA NOI MODERATIFighting Nutriscore andPromotion of the CAP andFight against NutriscoreDefence of ItalianItalian sounding. NDP in favour of businessand Italian sounding. agri-food excellence.Enhancing theproductivity. Incentives to Made inCountering synthetic foods.Mediterranean Diet. Fight against Nutriscore andItaly and protection ofIncreasing rainwater Combating synthetic foods. Italian sounding. national quality brands. harvesting capacity.Fight against unfairProtection of agriculturalCombating the inclusionPromotion of gender pay competition. specificity and excellenceof diesel for agriculturalequality.and export promotion.use in sustainable Protection of agriculturalInnovation in agriculture. development. Bureaucratic simplification specificities and excellenceAlternatives to agro- for businesses.and export promotion Enhancement of small localpharmaceuticals. Raising company welfare Innovation in agriculture. quality productions. bonus thresholds.Intervention on the nationalSupport for new Enhancement of small localwater network. biotechnologies inPromotion of competition.quality productions. agriculture and organicImproved capacity National plan forSupport for employment- farming. utilisation of European agricultural irrigationintensive companies. Promotion of the circularfunds.reservoirs. Energy self-sufficiency plan,economy. Tax relief for joining Support for employment- European price-cap, possibleIncentives for agri-voltaicsbenefit societies.intensive companies. recourse to nuclear power. and agro-energy.Enhancement of the circularSupport for nuclear power.Energy self-sufficiencyeconomy through agriculturalSupport for fourth-plan, European price- biomass, biogas, digestategeneration mini-nuclear cap, possible recourse tofrom biogas. power.nuclear power.National circular economy plan.38IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM"