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MAS Seeds, Nature Source Improved Plants Join Forces in a Long-Term Agreement to Accelerate and Streamline Maize Breeding


MAS Seeds and Nature Source Improved Plants (NSIP) announced the formation of a long-term research partnership. This strategic collaboration will benefit from the expertise of both sides to further accelerate the application of breeding technologies.

The partnership will initially focus on maize breeding but may expand to other crops in the future. MAS Seeds and NSIP will work together to improve the application of an Integrated Package of NSIP’s Breeding Technologies and Services. The collaboration will combine well- established breeding programs, germplasm, trialing networks, and predictive analytics of MAS Seeds with NSIP’s advanced analytics and comprehensive suite of computational breeding technologies and expertise.

This new partnership expands and deepens the relationship between the two companies, which has been ongoing for more than six years. With a joint technology platform, both companies aim to further develop predictive breeding technologies to bring genetic innovation into the world market faster and more precise to help farmers increase productivity. This will be accomplished by increasing the rate of genetic improvement, streamlining, and optimizing R&D costs.

“NSIP is excited to be providing both its expertise and advanced analytical tools in this partnership with MAS Seeds to develop higher performing maize varieties for the benefit of farmers and consumers worldwide,” said Steven Tanksley, Chief Technology Officer, NSIP.

Michaël Fourneau, Head of Research and Development, says, “We are delighted to combine our efforts in breeding. This partnership will allow us to create new hybrids combining our genetic with native germplasm to meet new sustainable agriculture challenges.”