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FMC Corporation and The HALO Trust Look To Improve Ukrainian Farm Safety

FMC Corporation and The HALO Trust are collaborating to improve farm safety in Ukraine according to a release. FMC is an agricultural sciences company, while The HALO Trust is a humanitarian non-governmental organization that works to protect and restore areas impacted by conflict.

As part of the FMC’s Cultivating Freedom Campaign, FMC is donating 3% of 2023 sales revenue in Ukraine to help The HALO Trust grow their demining efforts in impacted regions. This funding will allow The HALO Trust to have a significant increase in their capacity to remove landmines from farms in Ukraine.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with The HALO Trust — for more than three decades, their extensive demining activities have helped improve safety and the livelihoods in many countries that were impacted by conflicts,” said Mark Douglas, FMC president and CEO. “This project not only ensures Ukrainian farmers can safely return to their fields for planting and harvest, but it also contributes to improving food security around the globe. Through this collaboration, we aspire to contribute to a future where farmers can cultivate their lands without fear of explosive remnants from the war and pave the way for robust reconstruction efforts that benefit farming communities and the entire country.”

“We are extremely grateful for the generous commitment from FMC to fund our life-saving work in Ukraine,” said James Cowan, CEO of The HALO Trust. “It will allow us to invest in the people, equipment and new technology needed for the enormous task of making Ukraine safe from landmines, bombs and shells. With FMC’s support, we will deploy demining teams and critical demining equipment to clear land for Ukrainian farmers, their families, and their communities.”