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ISF Looking for 100 #SeedHeroes

#ISF100YEARS 100 Seed Heroes Call for Submissions

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Seed federation (ISF) launched the #SeedHeroes campaign to highlight the essential workers in the seed sector. These dedicated individuals ensured that farmers and growers worldwide could access quality seeds, enabling them to produce healthy crops and provide nutritious food for all. The campaign was a tremendous success, showcasing the diversity within the global seed industry, including the variety of people, professions, roles, and types of companies and organizations involved.

As part of the #ISF100Years celebrations, ISF is looking for 100 seed sector professionals from associations and companies to feature on ISF social media from September 2024 in the run-up to World Food Day 2024 in October until December 2024.

Who is a #SEEDHERO?

  • They could be a plant breeder, a pathologist, a sales representative, a business executive, an operations specialist, a drone operator, a truck driver, a communications and public affairs professional…
  • They could work in the fields, in a lab, on the road, in a university, in an office…
  • Anyone in the seed industry whose work contributes to making sure quality seed makes its way to farmers and growers everywhere today and in the next 100 years!

What ISF Needs from You

Send them a high-resolution photo (PNG/JPG) of your seed hero, along with some background information to help us share their story:

  • Name, age, role/position in company or organization, town/city they are based in
  • What do they love most about their job?
  • What do they hope for the seed industry in the next 100 years?

Please upload the photo/s and text (photo captions + story/background asked above) directly on this SHARED FOLDER by 26 JULY 2024. 

• For any clarification, please contact Andrés at