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Euroseeds Joins Over 100 European Associations in Signing Joint Statement for an Ambitious FP10

In the shaping of the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10), Euroseeds together with 109 European associations representing key European RD&I stakeholders, have urged the EU Institutions to increase the current budget in view of FP10 and to make pan-European collaborative research the cornerstone of FP10, answering industrial needs by excellence.

The release notes that public RD&I investments enabled through the EU Framework Programme are crucial to address market failures and to stimulate private RD&I investments by lowering the risks that such investments represent for the industry. To further support EU Competitiveness, FP10 must focus on excellent cross-border collaborative RD&I, with a strong industrial participation.

“Plant breeding has a pivotal role in supporting the economic sustainability of Europe’s farming communities and the agri-food value chain,” the release notes. “Strengthening the cooperation between public and private actors involved in plant RD&I activities is essential for the transition from basic scientific research to a marketable product.”

The undersigned state that the next EU Framework Programme needs to foster collaboration, drive technology maturation and innovation, and leverage the expertise of RD&I public and private actors to strengthen competitiveness and assert leadership in key technological domains.

As stated in the joint statement posted on the Euroseeds website on July 4: “We call on the EU Institutions to significantly increase the current RD&I budget in view of FP10. Such collective EU RD&I investments need to be reinforced in the next EU budget (MFF). National RD&I investments should in parallel be ensured and at minimum meet the target of 3% of GDP, aiming at leveraging private RD&I investments. Committing to EU technological leadership should ensure that proper and timely investments are made.”