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Future European Plant Breeders Celebrate Graduation From UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy 

Last week saw the graduation of the European UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy Class VII. 

“We had 16 elite students, current and future plant breeders, representing a multitude of field and vegetable crops graduated,” says Dr. Jovan Djordjevic, Director of Education at the UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy. 

Class VII was a cohort of 16 students, from 10 countries: Italy, Spain, Romania, Hungary, The Netherlands, Türkiye, Germany, France, UK and Mexico. 

“Wow, what an amazing group of people, outstanding!” he adds. The award for the best student will be announced at the Euroseeds 2024 congress, taking place in Copenhagen from 13-16 Oct.

Registration for the next EPB Academy is already open, and the EPBA VIII early registration deadline is September 15, 2024. Make sure to register on time, via this link: