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HALDRUP Expands into North America

Germany-based HALDRUP expands into the North American market with the opening of the HALDRUP USA production facility in Ossian, Indiana.

HALDRUP USA will support North and South American field research with a local team of professionals including service technicians, engineers, sales representatives, and skilled production workers.

“We are bring a very established product line into the U.S.,” says Tamra Boucher, HALDRUP USA managing director.

HALDRUP manufactures a variety of equipment used in the ag research lab setting and has more than 40 years of experience in seed research — from planting to harvesting and beyond. It delivers quality equipment that offers individual solutions tailored to the needs of seed industry stakeholders. Products include threshers, seed counters, and seed sorters used in laboratory and industrial settings. For use in plots, HALDRUP manufactures planters, harvesters and a variety of plot combines. The company also specializes in software packages that have been developed specifically for use in plots in both planting and harvesting.

“One of the hallmarks of Haldrup is that our equipment is highly customizable. We don’t complete a combine, a planter, or a harvester until we’ve worked with the client to determine what features are important for that client, so we can are sure to provide them with the right equipment to best meet their needs,” Boucher says.

HALDRUP was founded in Europe nearly 50 years ago. Based in Germany, it is a very well-established leader in the European market. The company saw a great need in the North American market for products for ag research, particularly products used in plot settings, and believes the best way to serve that need is to have a sales team and production facility in North America.

It broke ground on its Indiana facility in the fall of 2014.

“We have field tested our equipment and are looking at any modifications needed for the crop types we have here in North and South America,” Boucher says. “We want to make sure our equipment is meeting our customers’ needs and serving the market demand.”

For more information on HALDRUP USA, visit or call toll-free 1-844-694-6205.