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Advanta Seeds and Texas A&M AgriLife to Create New Biotech Research Station

Today, Advanta Seeds and Texas A&M AgriLife Research announced a new partnership for seed technology research and development with the establishment of a new biotech research station.

“We are excited about this agreement with Advanta Seeds because of their outstanding reputation in seed development,” says Craig Nessler, director of Texas A&M AgriLife Research. “This will also allow our scientists and students to participate in cutting-edge research with a world-class company.”

The establishment of a new Advanta Seeds biotech research station will enhance the areas of mutual benefit between these two organizations. These include the breeding of sorghum, tropical and subtropical corn, tomatoes and hot peppers, as well as applying molecular markers to plant breeding in sunflower, canola, wheat and rice among other crops. The research station aims to support all global research programs of Advanta Seeds.

“This research is important to provide farmers with new products and novel traits and higher yielding hybrids stable across the seasons,” says Alberto Leon, Advanta Seeds global research and development director. “This is a new investment that demonstrates the serious commitment by Advanta Seeds … to innovation, and most importantly commitment to farmers and sustainable food production in the face of global food supply challenges.”

The company reports that Texas A&M was selected to house the biotech research station because they are a proven leader in plant breeding as well as sharing a business-friendly environment with their local and state governments.

“This effort will accelerate and expand our rich history of seed breeding and development to further enhance the profitability and sustainability of growers,” says Ben Adams, Advanta Seeds North American business director. “We expect new technologies and traits to improve tolerances to drought, pests, insecticides and herbicides as well as increase yields.”