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True to Your Roots: Q&A with Patty Buskirk


Patty Buskirk, founder of Seed by Design, shares how to treat customers and how to stay true to your roots while growing.

Seed World: What’s your favorite film?
Patty Buskirk:
My favorite film of all time is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” but my favorite holiday film is “Love Actually.”

SW: Favorite veggie?
Brussel Sprouts and Winter Squash!

SW: Do you have a motto for work?
Personally, my work motto is to treat your customers as the family and friends they are. Professionally our SBD motto is: Home Garden Innovation for Generations.

SW: How did you get into vegetable growing?
I worked at a seed company as one of my first jobs in high school and it stuck. My love for vegetables came from my mother and grandmother encouraging me to garden as a child.

SW: What makes Seeds by Design unique?
We have been coined as a “Boutique Seed Company.” We offer quality California seed production for the Home and Market Gardeners. Our breeding emphasizes flavor, color and garden performance.

SW: Are you working on any new varieties?
I am constantly working on new varieties, in many different species. I get excited about working on one species and create a few new hybrids and then move on to the next customer request or product idea that catches my fancy.

SW: Do you have a top priority for Seed by Design in 2018?
Yes, to increase my business efficiencies and deliver better customer service. We are also making our wholesale customer outreach a higher priority, including web updates and additional social media efforts.

SW: Do you have any advice for growers?
Always follow your heart when it comes to business, if you are true to your roots and passions you will succeed. Never underestimate the drive and thirst for variety in our younger generations food wishes and discoveries. The food and seed industry are a global market embrace the change and growth.