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AgReliant and The Climate Corp Collaborate to Provide Data Integration Capabilities


AgReliant Genetics, the third largest seed company in North America, and The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, announced a data connectivity agreement between Advantage Acre, AgReliant Genetics’ suite of digital technologies, and The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView digital agriculture platform.

“Maximizing the value of digital ag for farmers is essential in our continued efforts to provide trusted seed solutions that help farmers grow,” says Noah Freeman, digital ag manager for AgReliant Genetics. “Our relationship with The Climate Corporation gives us the opportunity to create data integration across platforms, helping to increase adoption and expanding customers’ access to superior digital ag solutions.”

The combination of tools and actionable insights provided from both Advantage Acre and Climate FieldView allows for more confident decision-making throughout the year and greater peace of mind for farmers. Connectivity between both companies’ platforms will include the ability for farmers and their agronomic partners to send field information from Climate FieldView to Advantage Acre, including field names and boundaries, as well as planting and yield data.

“Climate FieldView offers a variety of connectivity capabilities, making it simple for farmers to get all their data in one place and share that data with their agronomic partners, including agronomists and seed dealers,” says John Jansen, agronomic services lead for The Climate Corporation. “Our collaboration with AgReliant Genetics is a good example of how our platform software is designed to make it turnkey for partners to collaborate with Climate FieldView so that together we can help farmers unlock the most value from their data.”