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Indigo Launches Grow Indigo with Mahyco Grow


Indigo Ag, Inc. and Mahyco Grow, a leading agri innovation major headquartered in India’s Maharashtra state, have announced the launch of a joint venture to provide growers across South Asia access to cutting-edge seed treatments. The venture, proposed to be called Grow Indigo, marks Indigo’s first expansion into smallholder markets, where average farm sizes are typically one to three acres.

Commenting on the goals of the joint venture and the complementary approaches of the two companies, Karsten Neuffer, Indigo’s Chief Operating Officer, International, says, “We’re proud of this partnership with Mahyco Grow, which combines the technological innovation of two market leaders to maximize benefits for growers. Amid challenging environmental conditions, Indigo products can enable smallholders in India to improve their yields, generate more revenue, and implement sustainable farming practices.”

The joint venture leverages Indigo’s industry-leading microbial portfolio and Mahyco Grow’s robust developmental platform, strong grower relationships, and well-established path to market. Indigo technology draws on naturally occurring microorganisms to improve crop health and productivity in the face of a range of environmental stresses, including drought and heat stress.

The joint venture will provide treatments for a wide range of crops, including wheat, cotton, corn, soybeans, and rice. Indigo Cotton, the first crop launched in India, was planted this past monsoon season.

“With this joint venture, we want to tackle the challenges Indian farmers face every day,” says Shirish Barwale, director of Mahyco Grow. “Limited water availability, varying temperatures, and an ever-changing climate: all of these issues can be addressed with microbial treated seeds, so we’re excited to offer this new technology to smallholders across the country.”