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Nufarm Cotton Plant Growth Regulator to be Featured in 2019 PhytoGen Residual Rewards Program


Nufarm Americas, Inc. in partnership with Corteva Agriscience announced the inclusion of Nufarm’s Gin Out plant growth regulator in the 2019 PhytoGen Residual Rewards program.

Gin Out is a plant growth regulator that modifies the cotton plant, reducing excessive cotton growth and increasing emphasis on boll development through its unique formulation of kinetin and mepiquat chloride.

The program will offer qualifying growers a rebate of $0.25-per-acre for each 10-ounce application of Gin Out on PhytoGen brand cotton varieties containing WideStrike Insect Protection (designated WRF) or WideStrike 3 Insect Protection with the Enlist cotton trait (designated W3FE).

“We’re very happy to see Nufarm’s Gin Out plant growth regulator featured as a leading cotton product in the PhytoGen Residual Rewards program,” says Ken Barham, vice president of customer and brand marketing for Nufarm. “This is one more way for Nufarm to continue offering excellent, economical solutions for cotton growers.”

Gin Out is featured in all eligible PhytoGen Residual Rewards geographies with the exception of Arizona. Duplosan, Nufarm’s post-harvest cotton destruction herbicide recently granted a 24(c) Special Local Needs registration for Texas, will also be part of the PhytoGen Residual Rewards program for Texas growers in 2019. Qualifying growers will receive a $3-peracre reimbursement on each 32-ounce application of Duplosan on PhytoGen cottonseed varieties.