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Cibus Launches New Seed Brand Falco

Cibus announced the launch of its new seed brand, Falco, offering North American canola growers four new canola varieties for the 2019 growing season, with additional varieties planned for next season.

“We’ve always been influenced by nature — its speed and agility — and the Falco™ brand embodies that duality, our commitment to rapid innovation with solutions inspired by the natural world,” says Dr. David Sippell, vice president and general manager for Canola at Cibus. “The launch of four high-performing varieties with a proven herbicide tolerance system, signifies our commitment to providing choice and change to North American canola growers. Our Rapid Trait Develop System, or RTDS, combined with our advanced breeding programs enable Cibus to bring many exciting products and valuable traits to growers in the coming seasons.”

Cibus co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Peter Beetham added: “Cibus plans to launch multiple stacked traits in its Falco seed during the next several years, including pod-shatter shatter tolerance, tolerance to multiple herbicides and resistance to disease.”

Through relationships Cibus has established with North American grain crushers, canola growers have the opportunity sell their Falco grain via premium contracts in Canada and the U.S.

Varieties available for the 2019 growing season include 68K in both Canada and the U.S., in addition to 32K and 40K in the U.S. All varieties offer sulfonylurea herbicide tolerance and premium contract opportunities through preferred partners.