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Growth Promoting Seed treatments and Abiotic Stress Management for Higher Yield – A Seed World Innovation Webinar

Biostimulants are getting a lot of attention in the marketplace.  Learn how biostimulants can be used as a seed treatment and at critical stages of crop growth in combination with nutritional products to optimize plant growth, manage abiotic stress and realize the seed’s full genetic potential.

Participants will learn:

• How to use biostimulant seed treatments to complement seed protectants • How a minimal seed treatment investment can result in positive R.O.I. 

• The importance of managing plant hormone balance for greater yield

• Season-long steps growers can take to manage yield-limiting crop stress

• How to maximize plant performance and grain fill during reproductive crop stages

Meet Our Webinar Speakers

Rob Jarek, Stoller Market Development Technical Agronomy Manager

Rob manages the U.S. agronomy team.  He has been an agronomist for Stoller for 5 years working with multiple crops to improve overall yield and quality. 

Larry Lintner, Regional Manager

Larry is the Stoller midwestern regional manager. He has been working with growers and retailers for 13 years with Stoller, helping them maximize yield potential using seed treatment, in-furrow and foliar applied products.

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