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Seed World Innovation Webinar Series: Thinking Outside the Elevator, Soy products that open new markets

In today’s complex and costly agricultural environment, seed companies and growers alike need to be thinking about new sources of revenue beyond the grain commodity market. Food-grade soybean varieties or varieties bred to provide high nutrient content for feed can provide a larger, and more scalable revenue opportunity than you may think.

  • Learn about the high-performance and high-revenue potential of non-GMO food-grade varieties
  • Learn about new markets for soybeans with high nutrient content
  • Find out how your program or company can gain access to existing varieties or breed your own.

Our Webinar Speaker:

Jeff Johnson, Benson Hill

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the seed industry with broad practical experience in sales and marketing management, strategy development, and operations. Jeff was previously with Syngenta, then formerly employed 19 years with Pioneer (now Corteva) which included 4 years of living in South Africa as the marketing manager for Africa. Jeff has a B.S. in Agriculture Education. He also has completed the coursework for a Master’s program in Ag Ed geared towards international agricultural development, with a minor in Economics and an emphasis in Latin American Studies. 

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