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Appiphany Technologies Holdings Forms Hemp Seed and Genetics Joint Venture

Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp., a company focused on the emerging and dynamic Hemp industry, announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Tsilaan, LLC and Kola Venture Group, LLC (KVG), providing for the formation of a new company which will cultivate and distribute throughout North America valuable seeds and genetics for the industrial hemp industry.

“We are very excited about this new Joint Venture which anchors Appiphany in the hemp industry with extremely experienced and successful partners,” comments Scott Cox, Appiphany CEO. “The combination of the scientific seed and genetic experience of Tsilaan and the network and marketing reach of Kola Venture Group allows Appiphany the opportunity to be a part of what we expect to become a very successful operation.”

The Joint Venture operations will be located in Washington and Colorado as part of Tsilaan’s and KVG’s current facilities. It will utilize the initial seed stock of two million seeds provided by Tsilaan to develop advanced genetics for essential oils and fiber applications, produce seed starts and further seed propagation within several regions throughout the U.S. Both KVG and Tsilaan will market seeds, seed starts and clones.

Andrew Elliot, manager of Tsilaan and an industry pioneer, comments: “We are honored to work with Kola and Appiphany to have the opportunity to showcase the result of our work on the Hemp genome. Our stable, consistent strains of hemp products will undoubtedly separate us from the rest in the space. Under the direction of Dr. Paul Matthews, we have isolated key molecular markers to bring sustainable hemp to regions that haven’t had the opportunity to produce the hemp species until now. This venture is a perfect combination of product, operational management and capital.”

“The timing of this venture could not be more perfect,” comments Mark Mersman, manager of Kola Venture Group. “As we look to the future of hemp, we must first start by figuring out how to control the quality and cost of the inputs that go into the production cycle. We look forward to a successful partnership with the deep seed and genetics expertise of Tsilaan and the proven leadership in the finance arena that Scott and Appiphany have to offer.”

“The seed and genetics area of the hemp industry is currently an exciting sector which is growing exponentially. We are establishing Verde Bio Holdings to respond to opportunities such as this where we can bridge the gap between the hemp industry’s need for capital and the industry’s limited access to the larger capital markets,” Cox says.

The Joint Venture is expected to be operational within the 1st Quarter of 2020.