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Corteva Announces Retail Route-to-Market Changes for 2021 Sales Season

Corteva Inc. announced its new go-to-market structure for seeds in the U.S. retail market. These changes are part of Corteva Agriscience’s Multi-Channel, Multi-Brand strategy for the U.S., which serves customers based on their buying preferences through a segmented route-to-market approach. They will strengthen and focus Corteva’s offering for customers who buy seed through retail locations, beginning with the 2021 sales season.

Corteva is introducing Brevant seeds in the U.S. for sale exclusively through retail, focused in the Midwest and Eastern Corn Belt. Brevant seeds was successfully launched in 2018 in nine countries outside the U.S. following the merger between Dow and DuPont. This bold, high-performance brand will expand retail’s access to Corteva’s genetics, technology and traits and will drive growth and collaboration with Corteva Agriscience Crop Protection. In the U.S., Brevant will replace Mycogen Seeds as Corteva’s primary U.S. retail-focused brand, bringing retail customers a new, agile way of doing business with Corteva. Brevant seeds will be available for planting in 2021.

Based on customer buying preferences in the Southern, Southwestern and Western U.S. Markets, Corteva is bringing focus and simplicity to its offer by providing corn and soybeans through a single brand in these geographies, Pioneer brand. Corteva will expand the number of retailers offering Pioneer in select geographies and will retire Terral Seeds and the REV brand. PhytoGen cottonseed will continue to be offered for sale through our existing retailers and distribution partners. A unified Pioneer and PhytoGen sales team will serve customers in the Mid-Southern and Southeastern U.S and support both brands.

“Corteva Agriscience is committed to delivering innovative, industry-leading products to our customers through their preferred channels,” says Judd O’Connor, president, U.S. Commercial Business for Corteva Agriscience. “U.S. growers who prefer the retail experience will now have greater access to our seed products, creating new opportunities for their farms, and for our company to grow.”

About one-third of U.S. farmers purchase their seed inputs through retail, which is also the primary route-to-market for Corteva Agriscience Crop Protection product sales.

“We have accelerated the pace of innovation to create the richest pipeline in the industry and we are making it simpler to do business with Corteva,” says Brian Barker, multi-channel seed brand leader for Corteva Agriscience. “We are bringing a winning offer to retail partners backed by dedicated and focused sales and support teams.”

As previously announced, Corteva will continue to serve U.S. farmers through four regional corn and soybean seed brands in the U.S., including Dairyland Seed, Hoegemeyer, NuTech and Seed Consultants, which are strong in their respective markets. Pioneer will remain the company’s global flagship seed brand with an industry-leading, unique product portfolio and agency route-to-market approach. The company will also maintain the AgVenture brand with its independent network of regional seed companies, the Alforex brand and build its trait and genetics licensing business. Each seed brand within Corteva will have a broad, strong portfolio unique to its geography and market demands that will continue to be fed by Corteva’s leading Research and Development program and the full capabilities of the company.

The majority of employees and dealers who supported Terral Seeds and Mycogen Seeds will have alternative positions or dealership opportunities with Corteva.

Corteva is committed to ensuring a smooth transition, and will honor program, product and service obligations for existing seed orders and the 2020 growing season. Farmers, dealers, retailers and distributors should contact their local seed representative or account manager for additional information.