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BASF Adds New Products to Cereals Seed Treatment Lineup

BASF is expanding its cereal seed treatment portfolio with the introduction of Poncho XCseed treatment and Relenya seed treatment, both recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These products are now commercially available through local retailers for use in the 2021 winter wheat growing season.

“The addition of these new products enhances our cereals seed treatment portfolio and offers growers a broader range of solutions to combat early-season insect and disease pressure,” says Rebecca Noble, product manager, Seed Treatments. “This lineup of products will allow cereal growers to not only start strong but provide an added boost in performance they haven’t experienced before.”

Poncho XC is the latest addition to the Poncho family of products. Previously known for its strong legacy of protecting corn, Poncho XC features the same long-lasting and fast-acting insect protection from the start, but created for cereals.

Relenya offers cereal growers a powerful new seed-applied tool for disease and resistance management. Powered by Revysol fungicide, a new active ingredient and the first and only isopropanol-azole of its kind in the market, Relenya will protect the seed and root zone from pathogenic fungi during the early development of the plant.

Poncho XC and Relenya join Stamina F4Cerealsbase fungicide seed treatment. Together these products will offer cereal growers broad-spectrum insect control, fungus control as well as a performance boost from Relenya.

Benefits of Relenya Seed Treatment

  • Boosts disease protection under Fusarium and Rhizoctonia pressure
  • Provides excellent control of Dwarf Bunt
  • Increases yield potential under varied levels of disease pressure

Benefits of Poncho XC Seed Treatment

  • Controls a broad range of chewing and sucking soil and leaf pests
  • Fast acting for immediate protection
  • Long-lasting protection of seeds and young plants
  • Promotes higher yields through a healthier root system and a more vigorous and uniform crop

In addition to Relenya and Poncho XC, BASF expects to launch a new seed treatment for cereal growers to eliminate wireworms. Pending EPA registration, BASF is eager to introduce Teraxxa seed treatment, featuring the new broflanilide active ingredient, which has demonstrated rapid insect mortality across all species and developmental stages of wireworms.