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Golden Harvest Extends Seed Line-Up for 2021

Source: Pixabay

With the vacated registrations of three dicamba herbicides this summer, including XtendiMax, Engenia and FeXapan, farmers are looking for additional soybean weed management options. Those options start with seed. Golden Harvest offers farmers the broadest choice of soybean herbicide tolerance trait platforms, including a strong supply of Enlist E3 soybeans for 2021 planting.

For the past two years, Enlist E3 soybeans have been a critical part of the Golden Harvest soybean portfolio by providing farmers with more flexibility and confidence in their weed management programs. Enlist E3 soybeans contain the most advanced trait technology available in soybeans, delivering outstanding weed control with reduced application restrictions and application risks. By offering tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate, Enlist E3 soybeans provide a complete system to manage tough weeds.

“As we go into next season, we know farmers are concerned about the availability of non-dicamba herbicide options,” says Stephanie Porter, Golden Harvest soybean product manager. “Having a strong supply of Enlist E3 soybeans for 2021 allows us to provide farmers with more choices and the flexibility to employ multiple herbicide sites of action for effective weed control.”

Enlist E3 soybeans provide excellent yield potential and agronomics, while offering superior application flexibility and tank mix options to manage resistant weeds. Looking ahead to 2021, farmers can be assured Golden Harvest is well positioned with its supply and knowledge of Enlist E3 soybeans to select the best varieties to meet their needs.

“Seed choice is among the most important decision farmers make each year,” says Porter. “Golden Harvest is committed to doing whatever it takes to help farmers choose which trait options will best fit their unique farm logistics and field needs. With more choices available, we can help them better navigate these regulatory changes.”

For 2021, Golden Harvest expanded its product portfolio with the release of 22 new soybean varieties. In addition to Enlist E3, it offers farmers access to Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans and LibertyLink GT27.

The 22 new varieties for 2021 range in relative maturity from 0.05 to 5.1 and provide advanced trait technology for maximum soybean yield potential.

  • 14 varieties include the Enlist E3 trait technology with three modes of action.
    • 3 offer Sulfonyl-Urea Tolerant Soybeans (STS) herbicide tolerance and may increase tolerance to ALS-inhibitors, allowing higher application rates on select herbicides.
  • 6 varieties include Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait technology.
  • 2 varieties include LibertyLink GT27 trait technology.

In addition to seed selection, it is equally important farmers consider their weed management strategy and start the season clean.

“We recommend farmers implement an integrated approach to weed management that includes starting strong by using a preemergent herbicide, such as BroadAxe XC or Boundary 6.5 EC, and then following up with an early post-emergent herbicide application, such as Sequence plus Enlist One,” says Bobby Bachman, herbicide product marketing lead for Syngenta. “This approach allows the crop the ability to maximize yield potential, while also utilizing the trait technology to fight back against tough to manage weeds.”