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NRGene and Agriplex Genomics Announce Mutual Collaboration

3d illustration DNA molecules

NRGene and Agriplex Genomics are pleased to announce a non-exclusive collaboration to provide end-to-end optimized mid-density genotyping services. This new collaboration couples NRGene’s new software solution for optimized genotyping with Agriplex’s amplicon-based technology to offer the breeding community a complete end-to-end solution for low-cost genotyping.

Agriplex’s PlexSeq technology is a proprietary genotyping platform based on the amplicon sequencing method. PlexSeq offers the ability to multiplex 50 to 3,500 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs, the most common DNA marker used for genotyping) in an unlimited number of samples. Their innovative Plexcall™ software then analyzes the sequencing results and compiles a concise report of allele frequencies and SNP calls. The multiplex capabilities and streamlined workflow and analysis delivers a high rate of data return at a much lower cost than other platforms.

SNPer, NRGene’s new software tool, optimizes genotyping processes of any crop plant or farm animal. It enables the design of a SNP set, which is customized for every breeding project, allowing for lower genotyping data generation costs by up to 70%. Costs of genotyping can be further reduced through robust implementation of a “reverse-engineering” computational process called imputation. The recent substantial decline in genotyping costs made it possible to analyze more samples. This has led to more data being generated and thus improved the accuracy of applications, such as Genomic Selection, through the identification of winning genetic combinations to develop better yielding seeds or animals.

“There is a natural synergy between NRGene and Agriplex. NRGene’s bioinformatic capabilities places in our hands the DNA sequence information we require to develop a winning multiplexed assay. But the real winners are the end users, be it researchers and breeders, or producers that benefit from complete data sets at a lower cost,” says Scott Weigel, Vice President of Sales and Co-founder of AgriPlex Genomics.

“Lowering the cost of genotyping in breeding projects while broadening the genetic understanding is the ultimate goal,” says Gil Ronen, NRGene’s CEO and co-founder. “Together with Agriplex, we successfully combined customized genotyping set design, low cost genotyping services and accurate imputation, thus providing breeders with more knowledge at significantly lower costs.”