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Farmers Find Measurable Improvements in Corn Portfolio After R&D Investment

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Major investments and an enhanced breeding strategy are producing tangible results in the Golden Harvest corn portfolio. New heights in bushels per acre arrive just as farmers seek new ways to maximize their profit potential in the 2021 growing season.

The key to these improvements is a commitment from Syngenta to spend $1.4 billion every year on global research and development, supporting the company’s seeds, traits, digital and crop protection businesses, and the customers they benefit.

“Golden Harvest and Syngenta Seeds have really doubled down on making sure every new corn hybrid in our portfolio is helping deliver yield, standability and consistency to support farmers’ profit potential,” said Drew Showalter, Syngenta strategic corn marketing manager. “As results roll in from across the U.S., we can see this strategy is working.”

Meeting farmers’ needs

In addition to the annual global R&D spend, Syngenta also has made an incremental $400 million investment in the company’s U.S. seeds business across a five-year period.

One impact of this investment is the construction of a $30 million Trait Conversion Accelerator in Nampa, Idaho. With advanced breeding technology and climate control technologies, the accelerator, which opened in 2019, is bringing traited hybrids to market faster than ever.

Golden Harvest also overhauled the organization’s process for determining which hybrids will be brought to market. Along with two years of extensive testing before being brought to market, all new Golden Harvest hybrids now undergo enhanced screening processes to determine each product’s ideal field conditions.

“The Golden Harvest corn portfolio has really evolved the past couple of years,” said Showalter. “Today, products like Golden Harvest corn G10L16, which provides industry-leading yield throughout the Corn Belt, and Golden Harvest corn G10D21, which has outstanding roots and stalks for season-long standability, showcase how this investment is meeting farmer needs in a tangible way.”

Farmers seeking locally relevant Golden Harvest performance data can sign up to attend a free virtual harvest report. Presented through Dec. 3, 2020, these events feature Golden Harvest agronomists’ insights on yield results and how they can help farmers plan for success in 2021. A complete schedule, as well as information on how to sign up, can be found at

Industry-leading traits

In addition to the brand’s strong genetic portfolio, the 2021 growing season will see the introduction of more Golden Harvest hybrids with industry-leading Agrisure¬® traits than ever before. Of the 2021 Golden Harvest corn portfolio:

  • Almost half of the hybrids contain the Agrisure Viptera trait, the most comprehensive above-ground insect control, and the only effective western bean cutworm control trait.
  • About one-third feature the Agrisure Duracade trait for above- and below-ground insect protection and best-in-class corn rootworm control.
  • More than a quarter offer Agrisure Artesian technology, the most advanced water optimization technology for season-long performance.

The Golden Harvest portfolio is available from Golden Harvest Seed Advisors, who combine high-yielding seed options with local agronomic knowledge and deliver a Service 365 year-round commitment to doing whatever it takes to yield results for farmers. These Seed Advisors also provide access to Enogen corn, including Enogen Feed hybrids that help improve farmers’ profit potential by helping to provide more available energy to feedlot or dairy cattle.

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