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Incotec’s First Microplastic-Free Film Coat for Corn

Incotec introduces the first film coat for corn in the new range of microplastic-free solutions: Disco Red L-1101. With regulations prohibiting the use of microplastics in seed treatment expected soon in Europe, and later in other regions, Incotec developed a new range of seed solutions, all in accordance with the current proposal from ECHA (European Chemical Agency).

Willem Fijma, Sales Manager Field Crops Incotec: “To keep our customers ahead of the major impact that the expected legislation will have on the seed industry, we are gradually introducing a new range of products. These new-generation microplastic-free products comply with ECHA’s current requirement proposal and provide quality solutions that will help keep seed treatments conforming with regulations. We are very happy to be able to offer customers the same standards that they are used to without having to compromise on quality. All the key performance criteria of Disco Red L-1101 meet or exceed the industry standards, such as abrasion resistance, dust control, compatibility and appearance”.

The development of an alternative range of microplastic-free products is part of Mission Zero, Incotec’s sustainability strategy, committing the company to minimize the environmental impact of their products and to always look for the most sustainable solutions to help customers achieve their goals.