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ASTA Tracks Priority Bills in State Legislatures

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The state legislatures are operating at full speed, even though most are meeting semi-virtually. Filing deadlines for some states are approaching, so the focus on seed-industry issues is clear. At this point, ASTA is tracking 157 bills that have significance to the seed industry, 14 of which have the highest priority. ASTA members can access its tracking report to get up-to-date status of all of the bills being tracked:

Among the priority bills are:

  • Minnesota HF 766 & SF 794: written to require neonic treated seed disposal description and destination information on the seed label. It would also require a pollinator warning on the bag;
  • Illinois HB 1847 & Nebraska LB 507: makes it illegal to use treated seed in the production of ethanol;
  • Nebraska LB 91: as amended, changes the testing date for native plant species to 12 months; and
  • Nebraska LB 634: creates liability for a commercial seed seller, including damages, for improper disposal of treated seed.

ASTA will provide updates on these and all other bills being monitored at its upcoming State Government Affairs Working Group virtual meeting on Thursday, March 3 at 10:00 a.m. CT. Notices will go out to working group participants soon. Contact Pat Miller if you have not participated in the past and would like to be included in the invitation list.

Source: ASTA