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Calyxt Completes New Scientific Advisory Board with Key Appointments


Calyxt, Inc. has completed key appointments to its previously announced Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to identify high value plant-derived product targets that will be produced utilizing Calyxt’s proprietary innovation platform.

The SAB will provide guidance for Calyxt to leverage and grow the business in new directions and will explore opportunities in plant-derived ingredients for therapeutics, cosmetics, advanced materials, fragrance, flavor, color, and more. The SAB will identify both near-term opportunities and long-term technological breakthroughs, some of which may be realized through partnerships.

The Calyxt Scientific Advisory Board members include:

  • Dan Voytas, Calyxt Scientific Advisory Board Chair and Professor in the Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development at the University of Minnesota
  • Anne Osbourn, Group Leader at the John Innes Center
  • Elizabeth Sattely, HHMI Investigator and Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University
  • Paul Bernasconi, Former Global Function Head for Molecular Biology at BASF Biosciences

“Gene editing is transforming life sciences and I’m excited to lead the SAB’s ideation to unleash the remarkable capacity of plants to produce complex metabolites with high value. These products will deliver enhanced benefits for people and the planet,” says Dan Voytas, Calyxt scientific advisory board chair.

“The capabilities that we’re developing within Calyxt have broad applications, allowing us to dream big. We’re excited to leverage the remarkable expertise of this SAB to focus Calyxt’s innovation engine on realizing new opportunities,” says Yves Ribeill, executive chairman of Calyxt.

Dan Voytas, Ph.D., the inventor of TALEN technology and a co-founder of Calyxt, will immediately assume his new role as Chair of the newly established Scientific Advisory Board.