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IPSA Hires Laura Wood Peterson for Lobbying Support

Agriculture and natural resource policy specialist, Laura Wood Peterson will support IPSA’s representation of the unique needs and national priorities of independent seed companies.

“At no other time in our history are we better equipped to understand the impact of our actions as individuals and a nation. However, too often, regional differences, perspectives and priorities are marginalized when they should be fully incorporated into policies and programs to be most effective,” says Peterson.

Public policy in this decade will impact the responsible use and care for all resources, human, natural, and financial. That’s why her work focuses on addressing the complex challenges facing small businesses so they will be viable for many future generations. Peterson thinks, “We must support rural businesses who create jobs in our rural communities.”

“Laura grew up on a multigenerational family farm and co-operates a family cow-calf business, so she knows the challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses in agriculture,” says Todd Martin, CEO of IPSA.

Peterson has navigated public policy issues in a complicated federal regulatory landscape for 15 years, finding solutions and common ground to benefit rural America. Peterson’s background includes leading federal affairs for the National Association of Conservation Districts, Syngenta and Indigo Ag. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and a law degree from George Washington University Law School where she also served as adjunct faculty in the Department of Political Science.