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Gayland Ward Seed Transitions to Next Generation Management

Source: Gayland Ward Seed

On Thursday, April 15, Gayland Ward Seed announced a transition in management. As part of a transition to the next generation, Carson Ward will take the helm of Gayland Ward Seed. The company also announced a new headquarters in Amarillo, Texas, and the launch of a new logo as GW Seed.

“With this evolution of our family-owned seed company, we are excited to see our son become a leader propelling the company into the next level of service, research, product purity and performance for growth,” says Gayland Ward, former general manager.

With Carson Ward’s move into management also comes new headquarters in Amarillo, Texas. His plans also include a second production facility with state-of-the-art processing and fast movement of seed through the plant and out to customers.

“The company will continue to be devoted to high quality production of sorghum hybrids for forage, hay, silage, baleage, grazing and grain,” Carson Ward says. “Our line-up of high-quality seed extends beyond sorghum with wheat, triticale and millet seed offerings for seed companies as well as distributors.”

He also plans to continue their historically broad varietal testing programs but is expanding their commitment to build awareness about the benefits of sorghum as forages for dairy and beef producers.