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Nufarm Introduces Saxony 100 FS, a Concentrated Azoxystrobin Seed Treatment

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Nufarm is pleased to announce the launch of Saxony 100 FS, providing the broad-spectrum protection of azoxystrobin in a concentrated seed treatment formulation. Saxony’s proven preventive and curative activity curbs costly seed and seedling disease, including Pythium damping-off, Rhizoctonia seedling blight, Fusarium, Aspergillus and more.

Saxony offers efficacy across four fungal classes: Deuteromycetes, Oomycetes, Ascomycetes, and Basidiomycetes, and works in combination with Spirato and Sebring products for enhanced performance against Pythium species. The formulation is highly stable across a range of storage conditions, has an excellent seed safety profile, and is compatible with a wide range of seed treatment products.

“The launch of Saxony is the latest example of Nufarm’s commitment to delivering cost-effective disease protection solutions to farmers,” says Michael Burbach, customer & brand marketing manager for Nufarm. “The addition of an azoxystrobin formulation for seed treatment strengthens our already robust portfolio for corn, cotton and sunflowers.”

Saxony is available exclusively from Nufarm-authorized distributors and is available for purchase in 30 registered states with more states to follow. More information about Saxony can be found at