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Luke Bryan and Bayer Renew Partnership for 2022 Farm Tour

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Last month, Bayer announced it is renewing its partnership with country star Luke Bryan. Bayer will be the presenting sponsor for Bryan’s 2022 Farm Tour and will continue their Here’s to the Farmer campaign that celebrates America’s farmers and fights hunger.

Source: Bayer

“We are excited to continue our commitment to this important campaign and partnership with Luke Bryan and recognize the hard work and dedication from U.S. farmers to feed America and the world,” said Beth Roden, Bayer U.S.’ senior vice president and head of U.S. Communications, in a release.

Kroger recently joined the campaign, presenting the inaugural Farm Tour 2022 sweepstakes. Bayer, Kroger and Bryan encourage fans to post the hashtag #HeresToTheFarmer across social media. With every share from now until October 31, Bayer will give one meal to communities in need through the Feeding America network.

“The most rewarding thing is the hands-on ability I have to talk with Bayer on a regular basis. It’s a true partnership with them. It’s not like they walked in one day and said, ‘Hey, let’s write Luke a check, and everybody just go out here and sell this narrative.’ Bayer actually comes to Farm Tour and they get out in the dirt and the grass and the dust,” Bryan shares with Seed World during a press conference.

“Early in my career, I would work with these huge companies and it was very sterile, and they told me what to do. But now, talking with Beth, each year we get more and more innovative of what we can do. That’s what I want with all of my partnerships. Bayer has been there every step of the way through times that we thought that they may pivot and go somewhere else. They’ve come back with even bigger and better ideas. Those are the people I want to work with and the people I want to be associated with, and it’s just been a beautiful partnership.”

Bryan, the son of a Georgia peanut farmer, has had a love for agriculture from a young age. Now, his priority is to highlight the hard work farmers put in day in and day out, while encouraging his audience to support American growers.

“I always encourage young people to go into a field that they love, because they love it from the bottom of their heart. If you start with the idea that you’re going to go into it and get rich, and all your financial problems will be solved, that’s not it. I didn’t go into music that way. I went into music with a love for music, and every day I wake up, I enjoy playing music. Every day you wake up farming, you have to appreciate the fulfillment and the enjoyment of it and what you’re doing, and you have to love it more than anything,” concludes Bryan.

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