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Reflect on the Seed Industry Over 2022 with These 7 Q&As

What has remained top-of-mind for experts in the seed industry over 2022? This year, Seed World conducted Q&As with some of the greatest minds in the industry to nail down the most pressing issues and discuss the future of the industry.

Learn more about recent developments in the industry and more in 7 of Seed World’s Q&As from 2022.

Navigating Federal Policy: Q&A with Laura Wood Peterson


Laura Wood Peterson, owner of Laura Wood Peterson Consulting, says working in Washington D.C. allows her the flexibility of seeing the industry from all angles.

Make Sure to Get Your Hands Dirty! Q&A with Irwin Goldman

Photo Credit: Matthew Dillon.

Irwin Goldman, professor at the University of Wisconsin, says it’s imperative to get in the field and get down and dirty when learning about crop breeding.

Enjoying the Beauty and Function of Flower Seed: Q&A with Norm Poppe


Norm Poppe, CEO of Applewood Seed Co., says his No. 1 priority is ensuring customers everywhere get to enjoy the simple joys of flower seed.

It Always Comes Back to the Farmer: Q&A with Justin Wolfe


Justin Wolfe, head of Syngenta Seeds, shares that while positions and regions might change, the big key is it always comes back to the grower customer.

SAA and Beyond: Q&A with Angel Saavedra


Angel Saavedra, president of the Seed Association of the Americas (SAA), shares his insights into SAA and the global seed industry.

Feed the Planet and Farm Sustainably: Q&A with Bob Reiter


As Bob Reiter, head of research and development for Bayer, moves into 2023, finding new solutions for growers to feed the globe in a sustainable way stays top-of-mind.

Be Upfront About the Seed Industry: Q&A with Scott Sanders


Though most folks from the seed sector have been taught to be humble, Scott Sanders, general manager for Peterson Farms Seed, says it’s time to be upfront and loud about our stories.

For Tar Spot, Seed Choice is Imperative: Q&A with Peter Lynch


Peter Lynch, vice president of research at AgReliant Genetics, discusses how seed choice and hybrids are helping stop tar spot in its tracks.

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