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CPVO Signs New Institutional Collaboration Agreement

The Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) and the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) collaborated on a signed agreement to promote mutually interesting activities according to a release. The agreement is a framework to cooperate on intellectual property rights.

ASIPI is a non-profit organization. They promote developing laws, regulations, and procedures regarding intellectual property rights. ASIPI collaborates with entities that have similar goals and promote study in the field of intellectual property.

The collaboration agreement includes “the exchange, diffusion and promotion of academic, scientific and technical studies of mutual interest, teaching, investigating and diffusion activities concerning intellectual property such as seminars and trainings,” according to the release.

The collaboration between ASIPI and CPVO will involve the exchange, diffusion, and promotion of academic, scientific, and technical studies of mutual interest, teaching, investigating, and diffusion activities concerning intellectual property such as seminars and trainings.

“This agreement falls well within our Vision 2026,” said CPVO President Francesco Mattina. “The exchange of experience, knowledge, and programs of common interests is at the heart of our mission to support plant innovation. Expanding to a broader audience, with possible future collaborations goes directly in this direction.”

“We are extremely pleased with the agreement signed with the CPVO, which represents an excellent opportunity to connect Latin America with one of the world’s most advanced regions in terms of plant variety issues, such as the European Union,” said Enrique Díaz, ASIPI’s president. “We believe that this rapprochement will generate important synergies with a view to promoting and protecting plant variety rights and encouraging innovation in this field.”

The agreement is a milestone for awareness of plant variety rights in American countries and the EU. It will help further collaboration with ASIPI and CPVO which will continue advancing knowing and understanding of intellectual property in relation to plant innovation.