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U.K. Company Sues Bayer Over Seed Coating Technology

Exosect Ltd., a provider of enabling technologies based in the United Kingom, has initiated legal proceedings against Bayer CropScience Inc. for alleged infringement of its Canadian patent that relates to, among other things, the use of synthetic waxes, such as polyethylene wax, as a lubricant/fluency agent to improve the flowability of plant seeds and reduce the risk of dust drift.
According to Exosect, this technology brings forward significant improvements in seed flow lubricants.
In Canada, the majority of corn and soybean crops use a neonicotinoid insecticide seed treatment. Exosect reports that such treated seeds must be applied using seed flow lubricants such as those in the Exosect patent, which replace talc and graphite. Talc and graphite are no longer permitted because they were found to detach easily from the seed to create insecticide-containing dust.
This legal action has potential implications for the broader supply chain as such uses of the product in question may infringe the patent, Exosect noted in a press release.