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Ohlde Seed Farms Hires Product Development Lead

With a market focus on soil-specific seed varieties, Kansas-based Ohlde Seed Farms has hired Byron Evers to fill its new role of product development and research lead.
Backed by a bachelor of science in soil science from the University of Wisconsin and a masters degree in agronomy from Kansas State University, Evers has been involved with soils research for more than a decade — most recently as a product evaluation scientist and research associate for Syngenta Seeds Inc., in Junction City, Kansas.
Evers’ masters thesis, titled “Water Use and Conservation of Bioenergy and Forage Crops in the Central Great Plains”, dealt with soil studies and crop production. The thesis project involved studies and trials to test the feasibility of growing alternative crops under environmental stress, such as drought and heat. Prior to attaining his masters degree, he also worked as a soil scientist with a company in Sheridan, Wyoming, to determine soil suitability for subsurface irrigation through the analysis of soil chemical and physical properties by horizon.
“I’m certainly excited about being able to use my past experience in the development of new hybrids and varieties for Ohlde Seed Farms,” Evers says. “As part of my job with Syngenta, I was involved in designing field and greenhouse experiments to identify, characterize and position wheat varieties across the Central and Southern Plains. However, I also coordinated all aspects of corn mini-strip trials, including field selection, mapping, planting, data collection, spraying, fertilizing and harvesting of yield trials. So I’m looking forward to doing much of the same for Ohlde Seed Farms.”
Shane Ohlde, president of Ohlde Seed Farms, says Evers’ knowledge and experience with soil science and plant development will benefit customers throughout the company’s sales territory.
“We’re excited to have Byron be a part of our team. His primary focus will be the development of new soil-specific varieties, particularly as he works with new technology that is being introduced to farmers at a high rate of speed. Being able to evaluate these technologies and their impact on our customers and products is critical moving forward,” Ohlde says. “At the same time, he will be in charge of all plots and research, including planting, harvest and evaluation of prospective varieties. I basically look at it as being a win-win for all of us as Byron and I work together — especially our customers.”
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