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DuPont Integrated Seed Science Center Opens in Johnston

DuPont opens its Integrated Seed Science Center in Johnston, Iowa. This is the second facility in the DuPont Integrated Seed Science Network that is dedicated to developing and testing seed treatment formulations, applications and seed handling techniques. The Johnston center features experts and equipment that help DuPont deliver the right seed treatments for growers’ fields to optimize genetic performance of seeds, according to the company.
“The Johnston Integrated Seed Science Center ultimately helps us make our seed treatment products perform better for growers,” says Jeff Daniels, technical agronomy and application lead of the DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise. “The facility gives us on-the-ground capabilities to match treatments with genetics for the best integrated seed solution for our customers.”
Following lab testing, seed treatment products are tested in nearby DuPont Pioneer IMPACT (Intensively Managed Product Advancement, Characterization and Training) plots to see how they perform with Pioneer genetics.
“We take an integrated approach to matching the right treatment to the right variety or hybrid for common agronomic conditions,” says Daniels. “We believe this is the best way to help growers advance their yields.”
DuPont opened its first Integrated Seed Science Center in Wilmington, Delaware, last year and a third facility is planned for South America.