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SynTech Research Establishes Seed Testing Capability in Czech Republic

SynTech Research has acquired Syngenta’s field and laboratory facility, equipment and experienced seeds testing team of 12 staff, located in Semčice, in the northwest of the Czech Republic.
“We are confident that, in SynTech, we have found the best possible partner to take over the station – and the contract for most of our R&D field operations in the country,” said Dr. Dieter Nordmeyer, head R&D, Europe Central for Syngenta. “SynTech is well-known to Syngenta as a long-term, valued partner in many territories and we are now looking forward to building on this cooperation in the Czech Republic.”

“We have a strong and long-standing relationship with Syngenta. This is the latest in a line of successful facility acquisitions, in the U.S., the EU and Asia Pacific, with major program contracts, also in Latin America, which benefit both organizations,” said Dr. Khosro Khodayari, president and CEO of SynTech. “The Semčice station and its team will greatly enhance our European capability, as a part of our global strategy to expand seeds/traits contract research.”
The location is ideal for programs relevant to the whole Central European region, covering sugar beet, corn, cereals and oilseed rape; the facility is equipped for sugar beet quality analysis and sample processing. The station will continue to deliver current seeds trials, and will add programs from new customers. The team will also deliver agrochemical GEP trials during the 2016/2017 season.