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Syngenta Introduces New Stewardship Tool for Growers

Syngenta has introduced the Enogen Value Tracker, a new tool for Enogen corn growers designed to simplify grain tracking. Beginning this year, the Enogen Value Tracker―a naturally derived, non-GMO purple tracer trait―will be included in select bags of Enogen hybrids. Syngenta intends to include the Enogen Value Tracker in all bags of Enogen seed over time.
During the growing season, the Enogen Value Tracker will appear as randomly dispersed purple plants across an Enogen field (inside the border rows) and will represent up to 5 percent of the plants in a given field. The grain produced from these purple (and neighboring) plants will be comprised of both yellow and purple kernels to make visually tracking Enogen corn easier from harvest through storage and processing. The purple kernels will also help make sure this high value grain is delivered to its intended destination.
The Enogen Value Tracker is part of an ongoing Syngenta commitment to provide Enogen corn enzyme technology to the market in a manner that offers benefits to growers, ethanol plants and biofuels production, while respecting other uses of the corn crop.