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dataTHRESH Introduces New Tools

dataTHRESH Inc., an independent data platform based in Ames, Iowa, released several new independent tools for farmers that allows them to search for seed.
The SEEDSEARCH Basic Data Tool is one of these new tools that helps farmers find seed products easier and faster. With the tool, farmers select which maturity range of corn hybrid or soybean variety they are seeking. The multi-brand results can be further sorted by specific brands.
The dataTHRESH farmer community of independent-minded, profit-focused and tech-savvy next generation farmers can add additional products to the list. According to the company, this tool saves farmers time and allows them to search and identify products from multiple brands for the desired maturity.
The SEEDLIST Data Tool helps farmers collect and organize the corn hybrids and soybean varieties that they have on their radar screen for possible selection for the following year. This tool takes the typical process farmers go through every year as they keep a list of promising hybrids or varieties to plant, and advances it accessible on phones, tablets and computers.
Additionally, dataTHRESH released a PRO version of independent RATINGS, which gives farmers the ability to view anonymous ratings of other farmers. As with the Basic version of the tool, farmers rate their corn and soybeans throughout the growing season on key performance characteristics. The company reports that this unbiased farmer data enhances and de-risks the seed selection process for farmers, to help support their growing profitability.