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Jacklin Seed Introduces New Innovative Grass That Reduces Mowing

This spring, Jacklin Seed by Simplot is introducing a Kentucky bluegrass that can be mowed as little as once a month, as opposed to the one or two mows per week required by present lawn grass varieties. Most remarkably, this new grass named―My Holiday Lawn―can go weeks with that freshly clipped look.
My Holiday Lawn is a patent-pending lawn grass developed over 14 years by bluegrass specialist, Doug Brede. Brede is an award-winning expert on reducing lawn maintenance.
My Holiday Lawn has a low-growing canopy and the grass maintains green leaves below the mowing height even when left unmown for weeks. When it is mowed, the new growth is only partially removed, keeping your lawn looking fresh and green, and not brown and stemmy like ordinary lawn grass.
“The really good news is that in addition to its compact canopy, My Holiday Lawn is beautiful turf,” says Brede. “It will likely be the most attractive lawn on the block. You’ll enjoy less mowing, along with a lush, fine leaved, dark green stand of pest resistant grass.”