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Agnition Launches First Microbial Catalyst for Soybeans

Agnition announced that it has launched Commence for Soybeans, a microbial catalyst seed treatment for soybeans that stimulates microbial activity for healthier soil and a superior growth environment, according to the company.
“We consistently see faster emergence and healthier and more robust soybean plants that stay ahead all year long,” said Agnition senior research manager Evan Johnson. “We bring value to the market through better plant health, and because our seed treatment stimulates microbial activity we provide value through healthier soil. Commence not only provides an advantage to this year’s crop but also long-term value through increased soil health.”
Commence for Soybeans is built on two exclusive technologies. Patented Microbial Catalyst technology increases the number and activity of soil microorganism that liberate the nutrients plants require to thrive. ProCoat encapsulation technology is a unique film-forming polysaccharide that adheres the active ingredients in Commence to the seed and then releases them after planting for maximum benefit.
For several years, Commence for Soybeans has undergone rigorous testing at Agnition Labs, the state-of-the-art Agnition greenhouse and farm trials. Johnson said the process ensures a product that works well in seed treaters and provides producers with a consistent advantage.