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UNL Leads $13.5 Million Research Effort to Enhance Sorghum for Biofuel

The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, will lead a $13.5 million, multi-institutional research effort to improve sorghum as a sustainable source for biofuel.
Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, this five-year grant takes a comprehensive approach to understand how plants and microbes interact, and to learn which sorghum germplasm grows better with less water and nitrogen.
The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, will team up with scientists at the Danforth Plant Science Center, Washington State University, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Boyce Thompson Institute, Clemson University, Iowa State University, Colorado State University and the DOE-Joint Genome Institute.
“UNL is delighted to be leading this large project with partners from prestigious institutions,” says Prem Paul, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, vice chancellor for research and economic development.
Most U.S. biofuels are made from corn, but sorghum varieties create more biomass for cellulosic ethanol.
Visit the UNL site for more information on this research study.