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Bayer CropScience Celebrates Agriculture Literacy Week

Testing biological crop protection agents: Bayer CropScience researcher Dr. Varghese Thomas checks the roots of tomato plants in a laboratory in Davis, California.

In a community-wide effort to support the future of agriculture and to help solve the world’s most pressing food issues, Bayer CropScience is celebrating Agriculture Literacy Week.
Today through Friday, Bayer CropScience sites across the country will engage with local communities to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and stakeholders. The company seeks to increase the public awareness to the power of modern agriculture and the critical role technology will play in food production to help meet the needs of a growing population.
“Bayer is committed to improving agricultural literacy among students and the general public for two very important reasons,” said Jim Blome, president and CEO of Bayer CropScience LP. “There is a disconnect between non-agriculture audiences and modern agricultural production that often leads to an unnecessary misunderstanding of our industry and farming practices. There is also a shortage of young talent needed to fill agriculture jobs, particularly in STEM fields, that will create the innovation necessary to feed the more than 9 billion people that will inhabit our planet by 2050.”
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