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Refine your Communication Skills at 2016 ASTA Management Academy

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Effective leadership requires building and maintaining relationships, developing others and communicating effectively. During the 2016 American Seed Trade Association Management Academy, Pete Hammett of the Oklahoma Gas and Energy Corp. will help attendees refine these skills and prepare them to lead change in your organization.
Hammett serves as the managing director of human resources and has nearly 30 years of experience in operations, strategic planning, and relationship management. He’ll focus on the many elements of organizing and managing people to build a more effective enterprise.
ASTA Management Academy is March 7-11 in West Lafayette. The ASTA Management Academy focuses on the practical application of general management concepts that are critical to the long-term success of seed firms. The core management courses form the foundation of the academy and are designed to broaden your general management abilities. Special issue seminars are scheduled throughout the program to allow you an in-depth look at current issues that are critical to the seed industry.
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