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A Moment in Time: Seed World Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 1965

A Moment in Time 
Mandeville and King Company dedicate Envy, the first green zinnia, to Seed World in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The editors of the publication write: “We’re proud that our efforts in the past have been helpful to members of the seed industry. Humble because we realize the confidence shown in us can be repaid only by trying in an even larger measure in the future to continue to work for what we believe are the best interests of the seed industry, its associations and its members. And so, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we pledge anew to continue to work always for those things we believe will help the seed industry go forward.”
Facts and Figures From This 1965 Issue
1.6 million pounds of alfalfa seed were exported in December of 1964.
261,900 acres of fall vegetables for fresh market were planted in the fall of 1964.
1 percent of the acres in the U.S. Corn Belt are planted with hybrid crops in 1933; by 1955, that number jumped to nearly 100 percent.
25 years is the length of time the California Seed Association has been in operation.
14 percent is the increase in the price of sorghum seed for forage in February, compared to the same month the year prior.

March 26, 1965 marked the 50th anniversary issue of Seed World
March 26, 1965 marked the 50th anniversary issue of Seed World