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Global Seed Sector Joins in Celebrating the 2021 International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

The International Seed Federation (ISF) joins the United Nations in celebrating the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables which centers on the role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition and raises awareness on improving healthy and sustainable food production through innovation and technology.

ISF, whose 7,500 members include many vegetable seed companies engaged in breeding, production and marketing of vegetable seeds, highlights the importance of quality seed in producing healthy and nutritious food in a sustainable manner.

“Fruits and vegetables are dietary necessities and essential to ensuring not just food security but also nutrition security and combatting malnutrition,” says Michael Keller, ISF Secretary General. “Because seed is the starting point of food production, our sector has an important role in supporting the availability of fruits and vegetables to the world’s population.”

The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables recognizes innovation and improved technologies as critical to increase the efficiency and productivity within fruit and vegetable supply chains. ISF takes this as an opportunity for the seed sector to continue its efforts on plant breeding innovation and to ensure the best quality seed is accessible to all.

“Along with our members, ISF will continue to initiate and support a constructive dialogue around the evolving story of plant breeding and how it contributes to a safe, nutritious, sustainable, affordable and diverse food and feed supply, including fruits and vegetables,” says Keller. “Innovations in plant breeding offer one part of many solutions to the global challenge of building sustainable food systems in the face of climate change and meeting an ever-growing consumer demand for quality, healthy food.”

This year, ISF also takes part in the preparation of the UN Food Systems Summit, which represents an important opportunity to spark dialogue and collective actions that will support transformations and systemic changes needed to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An extensive member engagement and communications campaign are being prepared towards this aim.