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Sara Tetland Reflects on What she Learned During her First PGDC Meeting

Sara Tetland, cereals specialist for the Government of Saskatchewan, sits down with Marc Zienkiewicz at the annual meeting of the Prairie Grain Development Committee (PGDC) in Banff, Alta., to chat about her job, how the PGDC fits into the Saskatchewan Regional Variety Trials, and the significance of her first-ever PGDC experience. Interview conducted March 1, 2023 at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

She talks about how collaboration between different regions and breeding programs is improving crop varieties and bringing new options to farmers. She also comments on the addition of annual forages to the regional variety trials, which can provide additional options for livestock feed.

“Attending these meetings and staying up-to-date on new developments and improvements in agronomy, disease resistance, and quality packages is crucial for ensuring that farmers have access to the best possible crop varieties,” she says. “It’s exciting to know that these new lines can eventually be published in the Saskatchewan seed guide and made available to farmers.”

Overall, this collaboration and dedication to improving crop varieties and agricultural practices is essential for ensuring the success and sustainability of the farming industry, she adds.