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Glenn Logan is Helping Pave the Path for Future Seed Leaders as CSGA’s Incoming President

Glenn Logan is a well-known member of the Alberta seed grower community.

I’ve always believed in the importance of being a good listener. “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason — to listen twice as much as we speak.” Sage words from my grandmother. Her advice has stuck with me throughout my life and serves as a constant reminder that listening means genuinely understanding and empathizing with others.

The ability to actively listen is essential in leadership. As the incoming Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) president, I aim to pave the way for a bright future for our next-generation seed leaders. I want to foster an environment where fellow board members and other members can cultivate and enhance their leadership skills.

My family and I have been in the pedigreed seed business since 1988, growing a diverse range of crops destined for export. We also manage a seed processing plant. Wheatcrest Farms is based in Lomond, Alta., and has been in operation for 116 years — founded just four years after CSGA was established.

So, with two generations following me on the farm and eager to remain active in this business, I’m excited and honoured to step up and contribute more to our seed sector. I’m grateful for the support of those around me who have allowed me the time to take on this role.

I’ve gained considerable experience serving on various boards, including CSGA, the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers’ Association, the Prairie Grain Development Committee, and the Alberta Barley Commission.

I’ll admit that I was content with serving as a director and sharing my insights that way. However, with our next generation of certified seed growers in mind, I fully embrace the opportunity to lead CSGA as its president.

CSGA is poised to play a larger role in the seed sector than ever before; we need to prepare capable individuals to eventually step into any leadership role — whether as a CSGA board member, committee member or president.

I believe in achieving our objectives through collaborative teamwork. I recognize that success will come from the combined efforts of the board of directors and membership rather than solely from my individual efforts.

Our executive director, Doug Miller, and Chief Operating Officer Caroline Lafontaine have injected fresh perspectives, new ideas, and energy into the association. Our board reflects greater diversity and inclusion, both at the provincial and national levels, and we recently opened a call for interest in participating in the Regulatory Services Committee to ensure wider stakeholder and geographic representation.

Additionally, to help achieve our vision for our next-generation seed system, we need to engage everyone in the seed certification value chain. To become more inclusive and open to collaboration, the board is proposing changes to our membership classes to include affiliate and associate members alongside our regular seed grower members.

I am genuinely pleased with our direction — and we’re doing it as a team. CSGA has always been a grassroots organization, and that will never change. We’re a bottom-up group because our members drive us forward.

So, in honour of my grandmother’s words, I look forward to listening to all of you. I hope to hear from all our members, both existing and new. Together, we will take our strong foundation and create a bright future. You can reach me at