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BCPC Partners with NIAB to Boost Provision of Independent Agri-Science Information


The British Crop Production Council, BCPC, will be joining NIAB in a move that will strengthen their delivery of independent information, products and opinion. Both organisations have the latest agricultural science at their core, to boost efficient, sustainable crop production.

NIAB Chief Executive Dr Tina Barsby says the partnership will create fresh opportunities for both organisations. “We’re delighted to welcome BCPC to the NIAB Group and look forward to working together to further extend the reach and impact of both organisations. We share a very similar outlook in the promotion of science-based principles of evaluation, information exchange, service development and policy-making. Together, NIAB and BCPC will deliver strengthened connections with the global science base and agri-business.”

BCPC President, Dr Colin Ruscoe says, “In this period of unprecedented change in global crop production, growers are seeking ways to increase efficiency while coping with the challenges of climate change, environmental conservation and population growth. This new partnership will enhance BCPC’s prime position as a provider of independent, authoritative, science-based information to practitioners, researchers and policy-makers, and drive further development of its publications, specialist events and expert networks.”

Dr Barsby explains that the collaboration will allow further development of existing operations and for new businesses to be created, for example, around data integration and digital agriculture, serving the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

BCPC will retain its name and the full scope of its activities. Managing Director Julian Westaway stays with BCPC; the current BCPC Board members and network of advisers will continue to support him and BCPC’s Expert Working Groups, the BCPC Congress and BCPC’s publications and online databases.

Source: NAIB