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Dominique Amilien Appointed CEO of Vilmorin-Mikado

After serving as deputy CEO of Vilmorin-Mikado for almost two years, Dominique Amilien succeeds Rodolphe Millet and takes over as CEO of the France-Japanese seed company. He began his new role on May 11, 2020, with the objective of strengthening the company’s new identity.

Four years after the operational merger between Vilmorin and Mikado Kyowa Seed, a new rollout phase is budding at Vilmorin-Mikado. Present since the beginning of the merger project, Dominique Amilien has contributed significantly to implementing the company’s new governance system. It is a tailor-made governance by delegation system, which enables true intercontinental and multicultural collaboration by placing at the center employees and collective intelligence.

Accompanied by Takako Sakai, deputy CEO of Vilmorin-Mikado in Asia, Dominique Amilien today aspires to fully embody Vilmorin-Mikado’s new identity by developing a strong and mobilizing Franco-Japanese corporate culture.

Dominique Amilien started at Limagrain in 1987, occupying commercial, managerial and then executive positions, in France and Italy. After heading the International Business and Marketing department at Vilmorin Jardin, he joined the Vilmorin-Mikado team in 2011 as director of global sales, moving on to become deputy CEO in 2018.

“The unprecedented coronavirus situation shows the importance of the work done by the entire agricultural sector, actively contributing to securing the food of tomorrow,” Amilien states. “This is a shared, essential mission that gives meaning to what we do every day. I’m especially proud of the Vilmorin-Mikado teams who mobilized to keep our business going and serve our customers during this difficult period.”