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See You in Buenos Aires

Seed Congress of the Americas aims to unite industry for growth and collaboration.

The 9th Seed Congress of the Americas, scheduled to take place from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is in its final planning stages. The event aims to bring together the seed value chain from across the Americas and beyond to discuss innovation, policy, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

“The value of the Congress is in its member countries. The Seed Association of the Americas (SAA) is, as you know, North America, Central America, and South America, so the Congress brings together to the same place and at the same time people from all along the seed value chain, both from the private sector and the official sector, to influence the future of our industry. It’s a unique opportunity for people to participate,” says Diego Risso, executive director of the SAA, which is the Congress’ coordinating organization.

The conference will focus on several key themes. Not surprisingly, top of the list is gene editing.

“LATAM has become a reference for the world in gene editing because governments have been strongly supporting policies based on science in order to facilitate new genomic techniques. The Congress has become a reference when you want to learn about gene editing regulatory frameworks, technology pipelines and intellectual property relating to genetic techniques,” Risso says. 

Diversity and globalization of the seed industry will be another priority topic, enabled thanks to the diversity of attendees.

“Diversity is an asset that we have,” Risso says. “Diversity in terms of countries; [diversity] in terms of participants from research to breeding, to production, trade, regulatory; and diversity in terms of medium, small, national, international companies. [We will be] bringing all this diversity to the same table to discuss a common agenda to try and find solutions to the burning issues the seed industry faces today.” 

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to the seed industry, attending conventions, workshops and other industry gatherings offers important rewards. These events are opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, discover cutting-edge technologies, and engage in discussions that shape the future of seed production, distribution, innovation and regulation. By bringing together research, breeding, production, trade, and regulatory sectors, seed industry events create fertile grounds for collaboration and creative problem-solving. Diverse representation offers multiple perspectives and opportunities to discuss solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by different regions and parts of the seed value chain.

Risso says a prime example of the Congress fostering collaboration occurred at the 2021 Congress in Uruguay. At that event, Canada and Chile conducted a joint initiative to address the importance of contra-season production. The Congress proved a platform to bring together regulatory officials and seed people from both countries to talk about how to improve, both in terms of business and regulations, to make the movement of seeds safer, more transparent and smoother.

“In a one-day meeting, [they] could solve huge problems and save a lot of money in [their] seed businesses. This example: we have many,” says Risso. 

Mario Schindler, executive director of ANPROS, Chile’s national seed association, underlines the significance of the Congress being held in the Americas, noting that this inherent distinction provides regional stakeholders with the opportunity to convene and exchange ideas.

“One of the Seed Congress of the America’s unique aspects is its ability to effectively bridge the gap between the private sector and the regulators,” he says. “The mature and professional approach taken by the SAA facilitates constructive dialogues and reaching agreements on various issues, by engaging with the public sector through its four working groups: Intellectual Property, Seed Treatment, Biotechnology & PBI, and Phytosanitary Issues.”

Despite its name, the Seed Congress of the Americas will welcome participants from all corners of the globe. This convergence of professionals enriches discussions and provides a global perspective on industry challenges and possibilities. In recent years, the Congress has seen increasing participation from Europe and Asia. The seed industry is a globalized sector, and collaboration across regions is essential, contributing to the collective advancement of the industry.

Whether you choose to register as an attendee, sponsor, exhibitor, presenter, or speaker, your involvement is crucial to seed industry events Your presence adds value to the collective experience and ensures that these events remain vibrant hubs of industry collaboration and innovation.

In addition to the business opportunities offered by the Congress, Argentina offers a unique blend of business and leisure experiences. Whether you’re interested in visiting farms, exploring agricultural production systems, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the country, Argentina has something for everyone.

See you in Buenos Aires!