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Indiana to Get New Seed Coating Facility

Next month (May 2018), Midwest Seed Coating will begin production in New Albany, Indiana. This facility will focus on custom seed coatings for forages, turf and forage legumes.

Bill Talley, Midwest Seed Coating president, says increased demand for high quality seed coatings is behind this state-of-the-art production facility.

This particular location will allow us to easily service those in the Midwest, Atlantic and Southern markets, Talley says, adding that employees have years of experience in seed coatings and are anxious to serve the seed industry.

“The Indiana location gives companies the opportunity to send see from the seed-growing regions of the western United States to major markets in the East, Midwest and South without having to pay for the shipping of heavy coatings,” he says. “Once coated in southern Indiana, seed can be distributed to major market areas in a matter of hours instead of weeks.”

New Albany sits on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, slightly northwest of Louisville, Kentucky.