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NRGene Announces Expanded Licensing Agreement with Bayer for GenoMAGIC


NRGene announces a key milestone in its multi-year licensing agreement with Bayer for the use of GenoMAGIC, a cloud-based big data analytics platform to support the company’s molecular breeding program within its Crop Science Division.

Bayer has completed a one-year evaluation of GenoMAGIC and has tested its usability to compare genetic makeup and select the best candidates for molecular breeding.

“We were most satisfied by the ability of NRGene’s integrated analytics platform to support our genomics-based, molecular breeding pipeline,” says Ruth Wagner, genome & marker design lead for Bayer’s Crop Science Division. “We are excited to broaden the use of GenoMAGIC to more of our key crops.”

“The world food demand is constantly on the rise, and life sciences companies like Bayer play a major role in our future food security,” says Gil Ronen, CEO of NRGene. “We are grateful our cutting-edge big data, artificial intelligence tools can support research and breeding toward achieving that goal.”

The licensing agreement was originally signed by Monsanto Company prior to its acquisition by Bayer.

Bayer’s R&D pipeline encompasses a broad range of solutions to help farmers mitigate the complex challenges they face on the farm, whether caused by pests, disease or weather, while improving their productivity and environmental sustainability. GenoMAGIC delivers greater breadth and depth to Bayer’s ability to discover traits, enhance genomes, and for genomic selection.